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VC Top Shelf's Ozzman Cometh aka "Ozzy" is a 4th Generation Versatile Champion and he earned the VC title at just 2 1/2 years old.
He is a hard-charging intense bird finder in the field; and possesses exceptional "water drive" as well. Beyond his extremely biddable nature, Ozzy has an "off-switch" that is second to none. He is truly a pleasure in the house as well as in the field. Ozzy is featured on the cover of the March 2020 NAVHDA VHD magazine. Ozzy has currently sired (5) NAVHDA Breeder Award litters and is available for stud to approved females.

Attributes: 25" - 58# - OFA Hips: GOOD

OFA Thyroid: NORMAL (2X)  

Bite: GOOD

Coat: Medium Dense/Medium Harsh

Furnishings: FF



Top Shelf's CeCe Vom Noble Spirit is a gritty 60# female who has produced some amazing litters for Top Shelf Kennels. She is dam to (4) NAVHDA Breeder Award litters that have been sired by (3) different stud dogs. CeCe is tenacious in both the field and water.  She is without a doubt one on the best "dead bird" dogs I've owned.  If there is a downed bird while CeCe is on the ground, you can bet it's going in the game vest.  CeCe has a dense/harsh
coat and extremely correct confirmation, both of which she passes onto her puppies.

NA3/UT1 -  PennHIP .27/.32 -  OFA Thyroid NORMAL

Coat - Dense/Medium Harsh

Quill photo.jpg


Top Shelf's Quill Vom BC is the product of a breeding between two TSK Versatile Champions.  She has (7) Versatile Champions on her 3-Generation pedigree. Quill weighs 50lbs and has a big motor.  She runs big, holds her points well, and backs naturally.  Quill has produced (2) NAVHDA Breeder Award litters and will be bred to UT Prize 1 “Hey Jude Idawire Catch 22” aka “Gus” for a Spring 2022 litter. Gus is a highly talented young male who will be headed to the NAVHDA Invitational this fall. We are extremely excited about the prospects of this litter! 

OFA Hips: Good  OFA Thyroid NORMAL. Coat: Dense/Medium Harsh

Raven with sxs.jpg


Top Shelf's Ravenwood of Hardpoint is an extremely smart, stylish, and proficient bird finder.  Cool, calm, and always collected, she weighs just 45lbs and is highly athletic in the field.  Raven produced (3) NAVHDA Breeder Award litters which included (13) NA Prize I puppies. She is also mother to VC Ozzy.  Raven now spends most days helping around the house and making sure no one steals her spot on the couch. To say that she has created an indelible legacy at Top Shelf Kennel would certainly be an understatement. Raven is truly one of a kind.




Top Shelf's Rockin' Ruby Sue.  Ruby is a rising star here at TSK.  She is a full sister to Versatile Champion Ozzy and like her big brother, she is extremely talented and super biddable.  Ruby earned her max score 112 Prize 1 NA score while being handled by my 14 year old Nephew.  She is a smaller female at 46 lbs., animated and super stylish in the field.... LOVES the water.  Planned breeding for Ruby summer 2022. 

PennHIP: R.34 L.39  


Coat: Med. Dense/Med. Harsh

Bella duck hunt.jpg


DoubleReed Bella Flare aka "Bella" is young female who came to TSK by way of a fellow NAVHDA friend in Canada.  I had the pleasure of judging Bella during her Natural Ability test at the Red River Valley 2018 Spring test.  She earned a max score 112 Prize 1 that day and I was highly impressed with her. Especially her field work.....she literally "cleaned the field" with 7 or 8 finds while puppies who ran before her struggled to find one bird.  After the scores were read, I asked her owner if he would part with Bella. It's a long story but suffice to say we struck a deal and Bella is now part of the team here at TSK. Bella earned a UT 204 Prize I in August 2020. Her first litter of puppies (sired by VC Ozzy) will test NA Spring/Summer 2022. A repeat breeding is scheduled to whelp early April, 2022.

Attributes:  54lbs  OFA Hips: GOOD  OFA Thyroid: NORMAL Coat: Dense/Harsh

Piper 1.JPG


Piper comes from a TSK Breeder Award litter and she is a full sister to Versatile Champion Top Shel’s Ozzman Cometh. Piper is owned by my brother Jason Jalbert of Park Rapids MN. She has a big motor and is very animated in the field. Possibly the finest nose on any versatile dog that I have hunted behind. Piper manufactures birds when other dogs cannot. As hard-charging as she is in the field, Piper has an “off-switch” second to none in the house. She is an affectionate companion and “snuggle bug” to my Brother’s entire family.   Piper has been bred to (UT Prize I) Hey Jude Idawire Catch 22  for a Spring 2022 litter.  

Attributes: 52Lbs - OFA Hips: GOOD – OFA Thyroid NORMAL – Coat Medium Dense/Medium Harsh

Gus 2.jpg


Hey Jude Idawire Catch 22 aka “Gus” is owned by Tom Deloughery and Susan Davy of Burlington ND. (UT Prize I) Gus is a highly talented and handsome young male that I had the privilege to judge at his Utility test in summer of 2021.  I was impressed by Gus’s thorough field coverage, his style and presence, and his outstanding water drive. Not to mention that he is as handsome as they come!

Tom will be campaigning Gus at the 2022 NAVHDA Invitational in Albuquerque, NM.  

Watch for upcoming TSK litters that will utilize Gus and his outstanding genetics to enhance our breeding program.

Attributes: 62lbs




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