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VC Top Shelf’s Ozzman Cometh X UT1 Top Shelf’s CeCe Vom Noble Spirit

This is a repeat breeding. The first pairing between these two dogs produced a NAVHDA Breeders Award litter, with most puppies testing at 6-8 months of age. 

Ozzy has sired (5) NAVHDA Breeder Award litters and CeCe has produced (4) NAVHDA Breeder Award litters. These puppies will be quick to mature and absolute ROCK STARS!!

The first Ozzy x CeCe litter produced high-drive puppies with dense tight coats and outstanding confirmation. We expect that same from this second breeding.

UPDATE: Puppies whelped 2/13/22  (5 Males/5 Females) 

All puppies from this litter are spoked for.

Repeat breeding planned for Spring 2023.  (Possibly CeCe’s last litter) 

Please give us a call to discuss availability.

Ozzy X CeCe - "E II Litter": About
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