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Are you in the market for a new hunting companion that is “ready for the field” as soon as you get home? Maybe you want a new hunting companion but would prefer to skip over the “puppy stage”? In either case, a “Started Dog” may be just what you are looking for.

At Top Shelf Kennels, our definition of a started dog is one that has the following attributes/training:

- Basic Obedience

- Crate trained (will “kennel” on command and travel peacefully in crate) 

- Recall (comes when called)

- Heal trained

- Gunfire introduction

- Water introduction

- Field coverage (quartering/checking in)

- Beginning Steadiness (will point and hold birds until flushed) 

- Beginning Retrieve skills (will bring birds back within arms reach of handler)  


See below for details on available started dog.

We’d love to hear from you.  701-367-5758 

"Top Shelf's Have A Drink On Me II"  aka "Remmy"

DOB: 6/18/22

Remmy is a pup who came back to the kennel due to original owner having some "life events"

necessitating that he re-home the dog.  Within 30 days of having Remmy back, I had him well prepared to run in his NAVHDA Natural Ability test. He earned a 108 Prize 1 on test day!  Remmy is intact and all of his physical attributes are correct.


Bite/Teeth Normal - Coat Dense/Medium Harsh    


Remmy comes from our first Guss x Quill Breeders Award litter.  He is a super talented and confident pup. He has a BIG motor and loves water.  Remmy has a ton of "point", which will make his advanced steadiness training very straight forward. At just under 2 years of age, this is the kind of pup you can take any direction.....continue his NAVHDA testing, AKC hunt tests, NSTRA trails, etc. He has the attributes to be highly successful in any of those arenas.  Or simply make him your "brag dog" hunting buddy when fall comes around!


Give TSK a call at 701-367-5758 if you have any questions or would like to discuss adding Remmy to your hunting household.

Thank you for your interest. 

SOLD - Top Shelf's Esther At Your Own Risk II

DOB: 2/13/22

Esther comes from an Ozzy x CeCe Breeders Award litter.  She a harsh dense coat is absolutely gorgeous.

This past bird season proved Esther to be a tenacious bird finder with an outstanding work ethic.

She attacks the gnarliest of cover with vigor. Her water drive is off the charts.  If you're the kind of hunter who is passionate about waterfowl hunting as well as upland......this is your girl!  Esther has a very high natural retrieve desire which will make her 'Trained Retrieve" training very straight forward.  


Esther a very well-started pup that will be highly productive for her new owner this coming season.

Get to know her this summer and hunt the heck out of her this fall!


Please call TSK at 701-367-5758 with any questions regarding Esther. She truly is a dandy!

Thank you for your interest. 

Lyza 1.jpg

SOLD - Top Shelf’s Diamond Lyza Jane II

(VC Top Shelf’s Ozzman Cometh x Black Star’s Primed N Loaded Adventure NA II)

Whelped 10/20/2021

Lyza is a super-talented and super-sweet young girl. She is an intense pointer, loves the water, and has a strong natural retrieve. Her coat is Medium Dense/Medium Harsh and she weighs 50lbs.  Lyza is a “medium range” dog who loves hunting “with you” and not simply for herself. She is highly biddable and gets along with all other dogs, people, and children…..”she knows no strangers”.
Lyza is both NAVHDA and AKC registered. She is being made available to the right hunting home where she can reach her full potential as a hunting partner and loving family member.

Please contact Top Shelf Kennels at 701-367-5758 to discuss this unique opportunity.

Cedric NAVHDA NA.jpg

“Top Shelf’s Diamond Duke In The Rough” aka “Cedric”

SOLD - Cedric has moved to his forever home in Michigan 

Male German Wirehaired Pointer

Whelped 7/4/2021


Dual Registered: NAVHDA/AKC

Cedric is available to an avid hunting home. He is extremely talented, has a pleasing disposition, and is very affectionate. He has a low-maintenance coat with classic Wirehair furnishings. His bite and teeth are correct. He is GORGEOUS on point!!

If you are looking for a turn-key hunting partner for this fall, Cedric is your guy. He has a TON of point, medium range, loves water, and retrieves naturally.…most times to hand.  Loves people, gets along with other dogs. No vices that I am aware of.

Please contact Jeff at 701-367-5758 for more details.

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